Welcome to Savory Sweets. If you are needing a cake for a special occasion, you've come to the right place. Desserts are always made per your request. Prices depend on quantity, size, and ingredient, so once you have decided what you want, email me your request, and i will respond within the same day to give you a price. Cakes are decorated the way you would like! I also make tortes, pies, cookies, trifles, fresh ice cream, and cheesecakes.

$$$Cake Prices$$$
These are just base prices, and do not include fondant, delivery, and decoration charge. All cakes are two to four layers and made fresh to order. 50% deposit is required two weeks in advance for weddings and 1 week in advance for all other occasions. Sizes of cakes are not limited to what's listed below. If you require a certain size, i should be able to make it for you.

6 inch round: 8 servings: $15
9 inch round: 12 lg. 24 sm. servings: $20
9 inch square:
20 2inch squares: $20
10 inch round:16 lg. 32 sm. servings: $25
12 inch round:
20 lg. 40 sm. servings: $33
13 x 19 rectangular: 30 2inch squares: $33
12 x 18 rectangular: 54 2inch squares: $56

Appointments can be made to discuss cake and prices.


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