A Little Info About the Chef

My name is Jacqueline Hayes and I'm a pastry chef. Last year I graduated from Keiser University with a Culinary Arts degree, and now am pursuing a bachelor's in business management. In March 2010 I competed with Fired Up in Brevard's Chocolate Festival and we took first prize! I went into this business because I love to cook and making people happy. I couldn't ask for a more rewarding career. Most of my skills are self taught and come from a lot of practice. It wasn't until this year I started getting into cake decorating, and I seem to get better with each cake I make. When someone orders a cake from me, it's different from the usual store-bought brand because it is personalized to your liking. The cake will be guaranteed to be more moist and flavorful, and the design will be completely original. Quality care is put into each tasty creation, and I hope you are satisified with the results! :)